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Paul Sarnese, Founder, Secured & Prepared Consulting, Discusses Healthcare Safety, Security & More

Stay informed, stay secure.

“In The Boardroom™” on

Secured and Prepared Consulting's founder, Paul Sarnese, recently joined Martin Eli for an In the Boardroom interview for

In the interview, Sarnese emphasized our firm's commitment to empowering healthcare organizations by providing top-notch consulting services and innovative solutions.

Secured and Prepared Consulting's mission revolves around enhancing healthcare environments to thrive securely and resiliently. With a strong focus on compliance, risk mitigation, and preparedness, our firm offers a unique approach to workplace violence prevention (WPV) by evaluating all facets of the system, including security, infrastructure, clinical elements, and the voice of the customer.

Our services extend beyond healthcare, catering to houses of worship, schools, retail, corporate offices, and more. The team, boasting real-world healthcare experience, is well-equipped to address diverse challenges. Sarnese also highlighted the growing trend of merging physical and IT security, emphasizing the importance of collaboration.

Secured and Prepared Consulting stands as a reliable partner for organizations seeking to bolster their safety, security, emergency management, and regulatory compliance efforts. Their expertise helps clients reduce risks, improve staff satisfaction, and ensure a safer working environment. To read the interview in detail, visit securitysolutionswatch. To find out more about what services Secured and Prepared Consulting provides, click here.

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