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Why Security and Workplace Safety Can be Make or Break for Employees

Paul Sarnese joins the podcast Security Heroes

The conversation with Paul covers everything from the miracles he's seen over his time in healthcare -- including an incident with 50 overdoses that he describes as "a scene out of a movie, the worst movie you can imagine" -- to his best practices in security consulting that have established him as an industry leader. In this episode, Paul will teach you: Why his consulting often focuses on workplace violence assessments How to adapt a security consultancy to healthcare's evidence-based practices Why security and workplace safety can be make or break for employees The three key parts of Paul's security consultancy assessments The top two financially efficient security wants for most healthcare organizations (#1 is weapons screening) How Paul's unconventional decision to deploy amnesty boxes supercharged a weapons screening system and changed industry best practices * How a trip to Walmart inspired an idea for healthcare security.

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